Parkify - A Journey to Solve Parking
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Our Story:
Parkify was founded by students at UCLA and UC Berkeley who were frustrated with limited parking around campus and rising parking prices. The idea was simple, enable private parking owners and managers to list their spaces on an hourly or daily basis to help alleviate the problem, and make some extra cash at the same time. Then, Parkify would make those spaces available to students, faculty and visitors through an easy to use app.

The idea worked well, a lot of our parking spots were a big hit and we had some pretty happy customers. Unfortunately there were several hurdles as well, the biggest being parking enforcement. We learned quickly that we couldn't use manpower or technology to cost effectively manage our parking spaces. Nonetheless, someday, with the right technology a network of shared parking spots may become a reality.

We're always happy to share more info about Parkify's code and/or our team, feel free to contact us